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RVYSA Team Form

Want to enter a team into our league? Fill out this form online!

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RVYSA Player Registration Form

Need to register a player for our Fall or Spring season? Use this form!


RVYSA Player Transfer Form

Transferring a player from one team to another? This is the form you'll need to fill out.


STYSA Heading Policy

The South Texas Youth Soccer Association has adopted the following recommendations from the U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative regarding heading.


Team Ages & Rosters

Use this document to figure out which division your team falls into - use the birth year of the oldest player on your team.


Youth Soccer Coaching Manual

The Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual By Dr. Thomas Fleck, Dr. Ronald W. Quinn, Dr. David Carr, William Buren, Virgil Stringfield


STYSA Coaching Resources

STYSA recognizes the impact coaches can make at all levels of the game and updates this page regularly with a variety of resources and initiatives.

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US Soccer Digital Coaching Center

U.S. Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center (DCC), a state-of-the art online educational platform.

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